About us

About us
  • We don't just translate words. We translate ideas.

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-Founded in 1957
-Freelance and staff interpreters and translators
-Highest international level of service
-Your direct link to our members

As a professional association of high-level translators and interpreters, TAALS strives to continuously improve working standards in the profession. Membership in TAALS implies adherence to strict ethical standards and confidentiality, years of experience, and having met rigorous requirements for peer sponsorship.

Founded in Washington, D.C. in 1957, the Association today has members located throughout the Western Hemisphere with several domiciled in Europe, Asia and Australia. Our members include free-lancers as well as staff permanently employed by international organizations, government agencies and universities.

The American Association of Language Specialist (TAALS) provides you with a direct link to experienced, qualified, professional interpreters and translators to help you meet all your linguistic needs. Please consult our on-line directory to find qualified professionals to meet your translation and interpretation needs.

About us

  • To ensure the success of your multilingual event, please view our Standards of Professional Practice for conference interpreters and translators.