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Article 6

For the purpose of this article, the word "applicant" shall be deemed to mean those persons who apply to TAALS for admission, readmission or reclassification.

A. Substantive requirements

Applicants for active membership shall fulfill the following requirements:

(1) Interpreters shall be sponsored by at least three (3) active members in good standing who have been members of the Association for at least two years. Interpreters shall have at least one hundred (100) days of conference experience in simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation.

(2) Translators, reviewers/revisers and précis-writers shall be sponsored by at least two (2) active members in good standing who have been members of the Association for at least two years. The applicant shall satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

(a) Service with an organization or institution for at least one (1) year in a full time post as translator or reviewer/reviser, or three (3) in a closely related position in which a substantial portion of the time is spent translating.

(b) Service as a translator, reviewer/reviser or précis-writer at international conferences for ninety (90) days or in at least five (5) conferences.

(c) Free lance translation under contract for recognized organizations or institutions for one year during which time remuneration for this work represents a substantial portion of the applicant's earnings.

(d) Published and credited translations of books.

(3) Applicants for readmission shall be presumed to have satisfied the substantive requirements when they were first admitted, if their file is still on record.

(4) Applicants for reclassification shall submit only those sponsorships which are pertinent to the reclassification. (See Article 7)

(5) If an applicant, owing to special circumstances, cannot comply with the above requirements, he/she may request special consideration. In that case, he/she shall enclose a full explanation of those circumstances with the application.

B. Formal Requirements

Applications shall document sponsorship and experience, and shall contain a professional domicile, a requested language classification and the following sponsorships:


  • 3 A sponsorships for an A
  • 2 A sponsorships for a B
  • 2 B sponsorships for a C

Translators, Reviewers/Revisers and Precis-Writers

  • 2 A sponsorships for an A
  • 2 A sponsorships or better for a B
  • 2 B sponsorships or better for a C

C. Procedure

(1) Applications shall be submitted to the Admissions Secretary no later than August 15. The Admissions Secretary shall check the validity of applications and report to the Council.

(2) The Council shall review all applications and make recommendations to the General Assembly. The Council may appoint an Admissions Committee to assist it in this task. The Council shall circulate the list of all recommended applicants to the membership at least thirty (30) days before the Assembly vote. Should the Council decide to recommend special consideration to the General Assembly, it shall report this fact to the Assembly and justify its recommendation.

(3) Challenges to applicants shall be submitted in writing to the Council at least fifteen (15) days before the vote. The Council in turn shall advise the sponsors concerned. Challenges from the floor of the Assembly without prior notification shall not be permitted.

(4) The final decision on all applications shall rest with the General Assembly. Decisions shall be taken by a two thirds majority of those present and voting. Once the General Assembly has decided on an application, the executive secretary shall advise the applicant accordingly.

Article 7

Members who apply for language reclassification shall meet the same requirements procedure as described for the classification requests of new members in Article 6. The Council shall rule on all such applications. Members may appeal the Council's ruling to the Assembly. (See Article 6)

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